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Jubilee has a staff of about 30 adults and 12 children. Most of the adults are long-term staff, with a commitment of a year or more, and for whom this is a year-round home. The rest are seasonal "volunteers," who may live and work at Jubilee anywhere from three months to a year. In addition, there may be up to 20 or 25 refugees from Burma, Africa, or other war-torn areas.  And finally, there is a steady stream of visitors from near and far, several hundred a year.

We live, work, and worship together here, sharing our resources and our hope. 

We all have various work roles that include but are not limited to teaching English language classes, providing refugee childcare, gardening, food processing, animal chores, cleaning refugee houses, office work, help with medical appointments, and light maintenance, such as painting or grounds upkeep.

Living at Jubilee is holistic experience - here you don't finish your workday and then leave and go somewhere else that you consider home.  At Jubilee the work and non-work parts of the day all blend together into a rich (and full) experience.  Here you work, play, eat, and worship with all the same people - that's what living in intentional community means. So at 5:30pm when you're done with work, there are community meals to be prepared and cleaned up after; there are often activities or meetings in the evenings; people may enjoy making music, playing volleyball or doing crafts together as a way of building relationships.

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