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Contact Info

Please call or write!

P.O. BOX 68
COMER, GA 30629




Visiting Us: See the Visit Jubilee page

Volunteer Information: Please contact Robbie Buller, Volunteer Coordinator, at 706-783-5131 ext 104.

Physical Address: 427 Jubilee Road, Comer, GA 30629                                  


Jubilee Partners Donation: We are grateful for the friends and supporters like you whose help makes our work possible. Click here to make a donation. Or send a check to the above address.

Walk in Peace Donation: Please call or write Al Lawler, 706-783-5131 ext 103.

To purchase:
Faith Beyond Borders
directly from us, send $12. (Multiple copies are $10 each.)
With Our Own Eyes directly from us, send $12. (Multiple copies are $10 each.)
A Thousand and One Egyptian Nights directly from us, please send $12 to Jubilee Partners.

All other Inquiries: Please call or write as instructed above.