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ESOL Resources

Karen-English Language Unit
This bilingual language unit includes useful phrases and vocabulary in both Karen and English.  Recorded to assist Karen refugees learning English at Jubilee, we are happy to share it with others.
Download all 5 files for the complete unit.  Page numbers in the recording refer to the excellent Drum Karen-English Picture Dictionary, which is being distributed to Karen refugees in camps in Thailand. Also useful for English speakers wanting to learn Karen!
Recorded and engineered by former resident partner Glenn Simonsen with the assistance of many of our Karen friends


Burundi Singing
Listen to an archive recording from 2007 of our Burundi friends singing worship songs in Kirundi and Swahili.  Recorded and engineered by former resident partner Glenn Simonsen.


Kirundi-English Language Unit and Silly Chant
This bilingual language unit was made for Burundi refugees here at Jubilee Partners, and is useful for beginning learners of either English or Kirundi.  Includes vocabulary, story, and a song.  Recorded by Sedekiya Juma, Glenn Simonsen, and childrenDownload here.


Jubilee ESL Teaching Guide
Below is a PDF of Jubilee's ESL Teaching Guide, a resource for teachers of adult ESOL students participating in Jubilee's short-term, residential program for recently-arrived refugees in the United States. The guide was developed specifically for use at Jubilee Partners, and if you find that it is useful to you in your setting, we are happy to share it with you.