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Full Description of the Volunteer Program

Christian Foundation: At Jubilee Partners we are seeking to understand and live by the radical implications of following Jesus Christ. We are deeply concerned about how to be effective peacemakers and how to promote justice and understanding among our neighbors and around the world. We look to the life and teachings of Jesus as our own starting place, but we work to build bridges to people from every kind of background.

Simple LIfestyle: Living a compassionate lifestyle is a major commitment for us. In a country where consumerism is almost a religion, we try to scale down our level of consumption, to share our resources, to eat food from our own garden when possible, and to be kinder to the environment. One result is a cost of living far below the U.S. level, closer to that of people from the rest of the world. We expect our volunteers to join us in that effort.

Work: Volunteers work in almost every activity at Jubilee - in cooking, cleaning, teaching English language classes, child care, maintenance, office work, gardening, etc. The summers can be quite hot and humid (instead of air-conditioning, we have a swimming pond.) The work can be strenuous and/or monotonous. We try when possible to match jobs with experience and interests, but living in community means that all of us expect to share in lots of work that is less than glamorous.

Be Flexible!: It is important that volunteers be flexible and willing to learn new skills. It is equally important that they be able to live and work in an environment that is often socially intense and culturally diverse. This is a very busy place filled with people from all over the globe.

"For people with the right expectations, a volunteer term can be a tremendously exciting experience, one that can open your eyes to a whole new world."

Play and Fellowship: We work hard, but we also play and celebrate a lot, preferring "home grown" entertainment like swimming, soccer, volleyball, making music, board games, talent shows, etc.

Room and Board: Our meals are primarily vegetarian, and much of our food comes from our own organic garden. We all eat together for lunches and suppers. Living quarters are simple; most volunteers live in one large central building, sharing rooms and household chores.

Christian Faith: We worship together every Sunday evening, have a brief time of devotions daily at lunch, and encourage each person to take time for prayer and spiritual growth. We come from a variety of Christian backgrounds. We do not require that volunteers express their faith in any particular way. Nevertheless, we do expect that all volunteers who come to Jubilee are aware that Christian discipleship is at the heart of our life together - and that they be prepared to affirm that fact and participate and attend in the full life of the community. Specifically, volunteers should attend all daily devotions and Sunday worship services.

Sessions: There are study sessions each week for volunteers, and occasional trips to connect with other groups. Study sessions focus on Christian discipleship issues facing us in our complex world: peacemaking, hospitality, the death penalty, creation care, and more. There is also a sharing meeting each week, for volunteers to process their experiences.

Money: There is no cost or fee to participate in our volunteer program. All volunteers and longterm staff receive room and board and a cash living allowance of $20 a week  Since we carry no insurance at all beyond that required on our vehicles, volunteers must arrange for themselves any such coverage that they desire, including coverage of medical costs. They must also provide for their own transportation to and from Jubilee. They should be in good health and at least 19 years old.

Terms:  Volunteer terms run approximately January - May, June - August, and September - December (see specific dates). Volunteers must commit to being here for the full length of the term. Each session begins with a week of orientation and training in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL).

Background Preparation: Those who are thinking of volunteering might want to read either of two books written by Jubilee co-founder Don Mosley: Faith Beyond Borders and With Our Own Eyes.