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The Land

“Jubilee is the first place I have been made aware of the notion that land and faith could be deeply connected. 

And I’m excited about this new way of seeing things.”

-Jubilee Volunteer




The 258 acres of Jubilee land is a beautiful mix of forest and field, pond and stream, plants and animals. Through interaction with the land we seek to encourage meaningful work, biodiversity, fertility, and nutritious food.

“This place reminds me of my village.” -From a refugee soon after arriving at Jubilee

As our primary work involves hosting refugees, the land can provide a space of healing for those who have been forced from their homeland. Many refugees are subsistence farmers and thus have much to teach about agriculture and reliance upon the land.

Agricultural work at Jubilee can include harvesting trees for firewood and lumber, planting and harvesting fruits and nuts such as blueberries, grapes, mulberries, figs, chestnuts, or paw paws; tending the dairy cattle, chickens and goats or gardening a wide range of vegetables and herbs that feed our community through the year.