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Jubilee Partners is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a Board of Directors which meets twice a year. Donations for our local work and for our various projects in other places are tax-deductible. Our audited financial records are available to the public.

We depend entirely on contributions to support Jubilee's work, and we are grateful to those friends and supporters like you whose financial help makes our work possible.

We seek to minimize explicit fund raising for our local ministries. We keep our expenses as low as we can by living modestly, doing most of our own maintenance and construction, gardening, sharing vehicles, etc. Our operating expenses are covered by the donations of friends, the many people who are "partners" with us in this work even though they live elsewhere.

There are  occasions when we make special appeals for specific needs in places elsewhere, such as cyclone relief in Burma, rebuilding aid in Gaza, or medicine for the children's hospitals in Iraq.

Board of Directors:

Chairperson:Steve Derthick

Vice Chair:Catherine Meeks

Secretary: Missy Harris

Mark Harper

Theotis Johnson

Natalie Schmucker

*Blake Ortman- Christina Dyck

*Don Mosley


*Jubilee resident partners