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Peace and Justice

Since our community’s foundation, a central part of our work and life following Jesus together has involved working for peace and justice. We consider work for peace as an extension of our worship life. Over the years, members of our community have gone on peace delegations to many countries including Nicaragua, Guatemala, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, North Korea and South Africa. Locally, Jubilee was instrumental in starting the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, has worked with Murder Victim’s Families for Reconciliation, and works to abolish the death penalty.  Every year, a delegation attends the vigil in Fort Benning, Georgia to work to close the School of the Americas. Some community members join in the Holy Week pilgrimage for immigrants. This concern also extends into our efforts to care for our land and use resources responsibly such as sharing cars, riding a bike or walking into town,drying our clothes on the line, heating our homes with wood or planting and sharing fruits and vegetables. We welcome many friends and visitors throughout the year who often share with us their work for peace--locally, nationally and globally.