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Volunteer Program Overview

Serving God and people from around the world

Jubilee has a resident staff of about 25-30 adults. About two thirds of the adults are "resident partners," for whom this is a year-round home. The rest are seasonal "volunteers," who may live and work at Jubilee anywhere from three months to a year. In addition, there are usually 20-30 refugees from such places as Burma, Sudan, Congo, or other war-torn countries. And finally, there is a steady stream of visitors from near and far, several hundred a year.

A major part of the staff's time and energy is devoted to welcoming and hosting refugees, who have come to us from over 30 countries. Jubilee becomes a safe place for them where they can study English, get acquainted with their new country, rest, play, regain their health, and begin their new lives in an environment of love and support before moving on.

Volunteers are an essential part of this exciting process. Giving freely to others while here, most leave richer than when they came